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Berry Safes and Security are authorised agents for Trellidor Australia.

Trellidor expanding grille

Trellidor is a fully framed expandable security barrier constructed with a trellis design for maximum protection. Trellidor door offers a wide range of product options that provide maximum security. These are available for homes, offices, shops, factories, schools and hospitals.

Trellidor expanding grille

Popular residential applications include:

  • Front & back doors
  • Patios
  • Passageway and windows

Popular commercial applications include:

  • Shop fronts
  • Service counters
  • Access routes
  • Computer server rooms.

Features include:

  • galvanised steel construction for impenetrable protection and security
  • a fully powder coated finish in a range of colours - enabling easy customisation to suit any installation
  • a unique patented locking system
  • a 5 year guarantee

Trellidor is the ultimate crime barrier, it has been awarded the Certificate of Quality ISO 9002 further guaranteeing the quality of the manufacturing process. The security barrier is available in all Dulux Powder Coat colours, suitable for both interior and exterior use

Trellibarriers - mobile expanding grille


Trellibarriers are a rollaway barrier system that are versatile and flexible. These security barriers are most applicable in shopping centres for after hours crowd controlling, partitioning of kiosks, factories, car parks and loading docks.

Trellibarriers are manufactured from galvanised steel and powder coated finish, in a colour to suit your corporate image. The Trellis type pattern is riveted to form a lattice pattern, using 12x12 square galvanised tube sections. Standard height of the barrier is approximately 2 metres high and can be made to any width.

Features include:

  • a neat storage system which folds away to 14% of the opening width
  • no requirement for a top or bottom track
  • a lockable wheel base

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