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FAQ and Security Tips

Q: How do I know if I will be targeted for theft?

A: You donít, most thieves will choose a premises that is an easy target with low security features put in place. The higher percentage of crime happens during the holiday season when families are away and their homes look unlived in. It is at these times when added security measures need to be put in place.

Q: What simple steps can I take to protect my home?

A: Along with good security being put in place there are many other things that can be done to prevent the theft of you personal belongings.

  • Do not leave keys hiding outside your home
  • Do not leave notes on doors telling people you are out
  • When you go out at night leave a light and the radio on
  • Consider security lights outside your home or business
  • If you have a lot of valuable jewellery, cash or personal documents etc., consider installing a safe
  • Window mesh, security grilles or shutters should be installed to combat window entry
  • Make sure security screen doors are locked at all times
  • If you are on holidays have your mail held at the Post Office
  • If there is an alarm system make sure it is tested at least once a month
  • Get to know your neighbours, get involved in community crime watch

Q: What can I do to help police recover my items if they are ever stolen?

A: Keep a running inventory of your possessions this should include the make and model number and serial number of item. Valuable items should be engraved or marked and even photographed for easy police identification.

Q: How do I stop theft happening to me?

A: Remember prevention is the only way to secure your property. If adequate security products are installed around your home or business intruders will be deterred from trying to gain entry. A thief needs to get in and out quickly and if it is too hard.......well they will simply move on to the next premises.

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