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In-floor Safes

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Guardall In-Floor Safes

Model GUAD fitted with a lagard 33E 6 digit touch pad powered by one 9V alkaline battery
Model GUAC fitted with S & G wheel 1 million change combination
Model GUAK fitted with a six lever pick resistant key lock

Spring assisted door pivot
Removal doors interchange to facilitate service and installation
Flush fitting lid to aid concealment and fire protection
Hard plate to protect lock area
Emergency relocking device

The safes may be installed in either concrete or timber floors. The opening in the floor should be at least 500mm square by 500mm deep.

The safe should be secured with a strong mix concrete 1 x sand, 1 x stone, 1 x cement. Steel reinforcing material can also be used to help bond the concrete and provide better security.

It is recommended that the mix be poured so that a concrete cover of at least 100mm (4'') exists around each side of the safe and brought level with top.

Floor safes are not waterproof. In damp situations the concrete should contain a waterproofing agent such as "Silasec" or "Yurite" (available from hardware stores). Whilst the concrete is setting, the door should be removed.

Recommended overnight cash holding for all models $10,000.

Collector In-Floor Safe

20mm thick steel door plate
Heavy-duty boltwork with rack and pinion
Body reinforced with steel gussets in corners
Gas-ram to assist lifting of door
Combination lock (1,000,000 differs) on hardened steel mounting plate
Re-locking devices
Heavy duty clip-on lid (dust cover) to form part of floor surface

Suitable installation into timber or concrete floors

Recommended overnight cash holding $25,000.

Available in 2 sizes

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Austral In-Floor Safe

Standard features include:-

DOOR: Heavy cast high-tensile steel construction fully chromium plated. Door section is secured below 25mm thick steel top plate. Special hinge is to move heavy door only and is not part of security.

LOCKING: 1 million change combination lock mounted on hardened steel, drill resistant plate. Two spring loaded relocking devices incorporated in door and lock.

BODY: Heavy gauge steel with 25mm thick steel top plate machined to accept door with minimum of tolerance.

HINGES: Hinged door for ease of operation. (Doors are interchangeable).

LID: Heavy steel lid, fits flush with top of safe. Deposit chute may be fitted if required.

Recommended overnight cash holding for all models $20,000.

Secure-All Security In-Floor Safe

Flush fitting lid to aid concealment and fire protection
Interchangeable door (8kg) secured by 3 wheel S&G combination lock
Clear 155mm access to contents storage area 265 x (280 x 280)

Recommended overnight cash holding for SECA $30,000.

Available in 4 sizes

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Mark I Torch And Drill Resisting

One million change keyless combination lock
Large door opening 178mm x 127mm (7" x 5") on hinged door model. 254mm x 127mm (10" x 5") on lift-out door model
Suitable for mounting in floor
Proven resistance to drilling, oxy-acetylene cutting and explosives
Relocking devices incorporated in door
Boltwork activated by Rack & Pinion mechanism preventing pening problems often associated with ordinary floor safes

Recommended overnight cash holding for TDR $40,000.

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